🛒 UTAR E-Marketplace 🛒

UTAR is probably one of the few private universities that now have a complete E-commerce ecosystem on campus. UTAR students and staff can now sell and buy from this e-commerce platform exclusive to the UTAR community. The public can also log on to purchase items from the E-Marketplace. 

To facilitate the physical operations and inventory storage of the UTAR E-Marketplace on campus, the Campus Fulfilment Centre (ECFC) in UTAR Sungai Long Campus and also in UTAR Kampar campus were set up. Purchasers can explore the merchandise from different campuses and enjoy a new shopping experience. Every order is managed by the UTAR operational team to provide a good shopping experience (delivery options for purchasers to do self-collection or use courier services).

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📦 E-commerce Fulfilment Centre (ECFC) 📦

Campus Fulfilment Centre provides fulfilment services to e-commerce merchants. Fulfilment service includes storing, packing and shipping e-commerce orders.

📍  Sungai Long Campus: KA North Lobby

📍  Kampar Campus: Block E, E009

🚛 E-commerce Delivery Centre (ECDC) 🚛

UTAR staff and students can direct their e-commerce packages to the e-commerce delivery centre.

📍  Sungai Long Campus: Block KA, KAG08

📞  011-5501 0235

📍  Kampar Campus: Block E, E009

📞  018-232 8294

Facebook: ECDC ECFC UTAR Kampar / Instagram: utarkpr_ecdc_ecfc

Join UTAR E-Marketplace as E-Merchant

The UTAR E-Marketplace also acts as a learning platform for students to practice their e-commerce skills. UTAR students are encouraged to participate in this exclusive platform as an e-merchant, with or without products. For more information on how to register as an e-merchant and choose a product, please contact us at unovate@utar.edu.my

📍 Sungai Long Campus: Room KA 200E

📞  603-9086 0288, Ext 768

📍 Kampar Campus: Block G, G020

📞  605-468 8888, Ext 2566

UTAR E-Marketplace Merchant Registration Form

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